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Israel carried out "ethnic cleansing" in 1948

Columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
     "Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel Danny Ayalon, has initiated a serious campaign entitled, 'I am a Jewish refugee'. He has called on Jews whom the Zionist movement and State of Israel caused to leave their countries for the apartheid state, as part of the historical Zionist motto, 'A people with no land for a land with no people' (originally ‘a land with no people for a people with no land,’ – Ed.), and as the fulfillment of the Balfour Declaration, that called to establish a Jewish national home in Palestine, at the expense of the rights and interests of the Palestinian Arab nation, that was [then] shattered in the Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) of 1948. More than 750,000 Palestinians were chased out and expelled, as part of the Zionist Haganah and Stern gangs’ program of ethnic cleansing that coincided with the import of Jews from different countries and nationalities in the world. In so doing, the Zionist movement exploited the crimes of fascism and Nazism against the Jews in the Second World War, and [took advantage of] actions carried out by [Zionist] gangs against Jewish and Arab interests in Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, the Persian Gulf, Syria, Lebanon, and in the Arab Maghreb, all in order to cause [Jews] to move to Israel... The aim of the new Jewish campaign is to have Jews from Arab countries ‘publish testimonies on the Internet', and disseminate lies about their “money and property having been stolen' by Arab countries… Danny Ayalon, Avigdor Liberman, their Prime Minister, Netanyahu, the rest of the leaders of the most extremist coalition in the history of the Israeli state, and their American allies of the Democratic and Republican parties alike, must stop meddling in the most sensitive issue for Palestinians, because the basis of the national cause boils down to returning land [to its owners] and returning the refugees, who own the land."

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