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PA daily: Demonstrators in Bethlehem seek harsher sentences for honor killings

Headline: "Sit-down strike by women in Bethlehem in condemnation of the crimes of murder of women"
"Feminist activists condemned the murder of women in the Palestinian territories, at a sit-down strike organized yesterday by the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy Issues in the [Church of the] Nativity plaza [in Nazareth].
Demonstrators demanded that the Palestinian Parliament (Legislative Council) convene a special session to discuss the murder of women. They criticized the Palestinian press in this matter… and the lenient sentences [imposed] for killing women.
Activist Nadia Harb… said that there are many motives for murdering women, such as inheritance issues, for example, but [the crime] is justified as [a matter of family] honor, so that the killer will receive a lenient sentence."