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PA TV censors broadcast as citizens criticize PA leaders

PA TV host: "We return to you, sir. What did you want to say?"
Razi in studio audience: "President Abbas, may Allah protect him, and Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad: Where are you when prices keep rising? Where are you when there is unemployment? Where are your ministers, Dr. Salam? They should see the people in the streets. What are we, cows and donkeys? The Palestinian people has begun to speak..."
[Sound is muted for half a minute while Razi continued speaking and crowd was cheering.]
Razi: "This is despicable..."
Host: "The Jews have failed too."
Razi: "Whenever prices go up, you say: 'The Jews.'"
Host: "Sir, thank you for..."
[Sound is muted]
Host: "Don't say such things."
Razi: "So arrest me..."
Host: "I won't arrest you, but why fight..."
[Sound is muted]
Host: "I gave you a chance [to speak]. Let others speak." [...]
Woman in audience: "I'm the mother of the Martyrs Muhammad and Mahdi Sa'ade.[Applause.] I wish that Mahmoud Abbas would explain... One day, as he sleeps on his pillow, he will feel for the Martyrs' mothers, and that's it. I have two daughters who graduated university, but they still don't have jobs. If someone had a son..."
[Sound is muted]
Man in audience: "I've been told on the phone that you keep cutting off the sound."
Host: "Who did I cut off now? ... I won't let you talk."
Man in audience: "Don't cut off the broadcast, you talk about the youth. We're the youth."
Host: "If you don't think that this is a live broadcast, don't be on the program. We have made this program 40 minutes longer so that you could participate, and now I'll let everyone participate.
Now I'll take a short break with the director and we'll be back with you."
We had wanted to continue the program, but it's clear we can't."
[Program abruptly ends.]
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