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PA official: Israel’s founding was based on "a false narrative" and "historical lies and fabrications"

PA TV News interviews Omar Al-Ghoul, advisor to Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad:
Al-Ghoul: "The Palestinian Arab nation, a nation that wants peace, is pushing for peace through all means and methods, and declares this through the local elected leader of the Palestinian people, PLO Chairman, President Mahmoud Abbas. All of the foundations of his leadership, the PLO Executive Committee, the Palestinian National Authority, the legal government, and all the components of the Palestinian Arab nation inside [the country] and in the diaspora, declare their desire for peace and the realization of peace. The term 'terror' is not currently applicable to the present situation of the Palestinian-Arab people, [since they are] a people living under occupation. [It is not applicable] in Palestinian political discourse, or to the Palestinian political situation. The terrorist is the one who generates terror: The country whose fundamental establishment was based on a false narrative; that was founded on a basis of historical and factual lies and fabrications. At the same time, the Palestinian Arab nation, owners of the historical Palestinian land – 100% [of that land] - is giving up 78% [of the land] as a choice for peace and a choice for a two-state solution for the two peoples, so as to 'push things forward', and find the common denominator for coexistence between the Palestinian people and the Israeli people and the Arab nations."

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