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PA TV visits prisoner who planned suicide bombing and glorifies him

Visit to home of prisoner Waddah Al-Bizreh who, according to the program host, is serving two life sentences and an additional 50 years.
PA TV host: "Quick! – The director is telling me that we need to move on to a visit with the family of prisoner Waddah Al-Bizreh, to whom I convey greetings. He is presently at Hadarim prison… I remind you that Waddah Al-Bizreh was given two life sentences and another 50 years, and he is in Hadarim prison."
Poster with picture of Waddah Al-Bizreh and Basel Al-Bizreh. Poster features the Fatah logo and, under each photograph, the inscription: "The heroic commander prisoner".
Waddah's brother: "My brother Waddah is, of course, my younger brother. He is the youngest of us. I mean, we're five brothers: Abu Ali, Abu Hashem, Abu Shaher, myself, and the youngest is Waddah. He, of course, is the one who has achieved the most, and he's the youngest."

Note: Waddah Al-Bizreh is serving two life sentences + 50 years for planning the suicide terror attack at the Em Ha-Moshavot shopping mall in Petach Tikva, in May 2002, in which a woman and her baby granddaughter were killed.