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PA TV host glorifies "all the heroic prisoner fighters"

PA TV program For You:
PA TV host: "Firstly, best wishes to all the heroic prisoners, especially the veteran (i.e., long-term) prisoners among them. We say 'veteran' because of the long time in prison, but you are the shining lights, you are the giants, you are the heroes, and you are the ones who embody the meaning of freedom – even if decades have passed since your arrest. To the most veteran prisoners, Karim Younes, and Maher Younes, to all the heroic prisoner fighters in Israeli occupation prisons, – all good wishes… Prisoner Karim Younes, from the village Ar'ara, in the territories occupied in '48 (i.e., Israel), is considered the most veteran prisoner, since more than 30 years have passed since his arrest."

Note: Karim and Maher Younes are Israeli Arab prisoners who killed an Israeli soldier in 1981. They were each given a life sentence in prison.

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