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PA Minister calls for release of terrorist murderer in prison

Headline: "Nablus: Karake visits families of prisoners in Asira Al-Shamalia"
"Karake demanded the speedy release of the sick, handicapped, paralyzed, and seriously ill prisoners, who are incarcerated in the Israeli Ramle prison hospital, and especially of prisoners Riyad Al-Amour… and others whose medical and physical condition makes it impossible for them to remain in prison.
Karake's statements came during a meeting with the prisoners' families in the village of Asira Al-Shamalia, in Nablus, held at the Fatah district headquarters. [Also] present were Secretary Amar Yassin, district residents, and a delegation from the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs, headed by veteran [released] prisoner, Sa'id Al-Ataba. Karake and the delegation that accompanied him visited the families of the most veteran prisoner from Asira Al-Shamalia, prisoner Zaid Younes Ahmed Younes, who has been serving a life sentence plus 25 years since 2002."

Note: Zaid Younes - a Palestinian terrorist of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah's military wing) who drove suicide bomber Safwat Khalil (17) to carry out an attack in Tel Aviv on Jan. 25, 2002 in which 25 people were injured. Younes also aided the escape of a terrorist involved in the murder of Binyamin and Talia Kahane on Dec. 31, 2000, in a shooting attack in which 5 of their daughters were also wounded. Younes is serving a life sentence and 25 additional years.
Riyad Al-Amour was responsible for the murders of 9 Israelis, as well as 3 Palestinians who were considered collaborators.
Sa'id Al-Ataba was serving a life sentence for being the commander of the military unit that planted explosives in a market in Petah Tikva (July 6, 1977). One person was killed and 33 were wounded. He was released in August 2008 as a gesture to the PA after serving 31 years in prison.

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