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PA daily article criticizes loose spending by PA officials

Headline: "Palestinian Spring motivated by prices: nonsense"
"Is Dr. Salam Fayyad the only one responsible for our economic situation? If every one of us were to look around and notice our behavior when it comes to spending [money], would [we] continue to insist that the Prime Minister is the only one responsible? If I were in Dr. Salam Fayyad's place, I would ask my people to spend money more efficiently, and I would ask retired ministers who return to their posts to voluntarily forego the allowance paid to retired ministers. I would ask deputy ministers, most of whom come from factions that participated in the resistance, to go back to being what they used to be: simple fighters content with regular cars, not brand-new late-model high-speed cars. I would also ask them to forego what are called 'miscellaneous' [expenses] during trips, and not to stay in five-star hotels – most stay with their relatives in Amman and say that they were in hotels appropriate to their rank, Allah knows… Is Dr. Salam Fayyad the only one responsible for the economic crisis? I am not defending the man, since I have not met him, and I am not one of his supporters. However, I believe that the veteran members of the revolution are also responsible for what our nation is suffering from, and most of our people bear some responsibility as well."