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Palestinians in Israeli land since beginning of Creation

Music video on PATV:
"You are phantoms on my land [visuals of Israelis]
And our roots in her are deep [scenes of land]
For a million years it is our homeland
May the conquerors exploit as they will [war scenes]
We came - the dawn of man's creation in the world
And our arrival - the beginning and time
Before us no foot had strode through her [scenes of land]
And calls were not heard
Ours are the caves of her mountains
Ours are her rivers
Ours are her plants, vineyards, the fields
And a waterway there is, faced with fields
And the bones of our fathers that lived on the ground
And under it they died...
This is the beginning [scenes of Yasser Arafat]
This is the beginning
And every beginning is followed by an end [scenes of Al-Aqsa Mosque]
The days are long [war scenes]
The days have always been long
And the course of history - revolution [PA flag flying] ."

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