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Abbas honors terrorist prisoner Abu Bakr and all other prisoners as "heroic"

Headline: President Abbas in his introduction to a book: “You paid with your freedom to free our homeland” -- Prisoner Abu Bakr authors the book “Journeys in the Dark,” personal accounts that defy imprisonment
     “The Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, has focused attention on a book by Prisoner Yassir Abu-Bakr, ‘Journeys in the Dark’, published by the Ministry of Culture as part of a series of prison literature.
Prisoner Abu-Bakr from Nablus was arrested on April 10, 2002 during an Israeli incursion and was given three life sentences plus forty years for being a commander in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades in Palestine.
He is married and father of a son named Ahed, named after the heroic Martyr (Shahid) Ahed Farras, an activist in the “Shabiba” (i.e., “youth”) [Fatah] student movement.
Upon receiving a copy of the book, ‘Journeys in the Dark’, President Abbas wrote the following introduction: ‘With great love, pride, and honor we received your book that contains much substance, thoughts and feelings of honest people, and is an expression of the reflections and contributions of our heroic prisoners, as well as of their suffering in occupation prisons. They breathe freedom there in spite of the oppression of incarceration, and they author epics of eternity and honor in spite of their shackles, proclaiming the Palestinian man’s ability to be productive and creative in spite of difficult conditions.”
President Abbas said in his introduction to the book: ‘We shall continue all our honest efforts to free you and return you to your families. For you have paid with your freedom to free our homeland and [restore] the honor of our nation that stands resolute in this pure land.’”
(It later says that the book deals with a prisoner who sees beyond the walls of his prison, and believes in the inevitable victory and expulsion of the oppressor. It also details Abu-Bakr’s life and the harsh conditions of his imprisonment, to which Abu-Bakr himself relates in his book.)

Note: Yassir Abu-Bakr was responsible for an attack in Netanya in 2002 that killed an adult and a nine-month old baby.
Ahed Farras was killed by an Israeli army unit that intercepted a group of armed Palestinians about to plant an explosive device near the Israeli settlement of Shavei Shomron in August 2001.