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The Commentator on PMW bulletin - the PA says Israel is worse than the Nazis

A month of hatred: Now Israel is “more loathsome” than the Nazis

In-keeping with a month of hatred and violence emanating from the Arab world, the Palestinian Authority’s newspaper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida has three times over the course of September, insisted that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is worse than anything carried out by Hitler and the Nazi.

A new bulletin from Palestinian Media Watch highlights that on three separate occasions over September 2012, the Palestinian Authority outlet has not only sought to juxtapose Israel with Nazism, falling foul of the EUMC Working Definition on Anti-Semitism, but has gone as far as to insist that Israel’s actions have been “more loathsome” than the Holocaust.

This will come as no surprise to many – but as questions are being asked of the state of the relationships between the West and Egypt, Libya and Pakistan respectively, the same questions should be asked of the Palestinian Authority.

While Israel and the West still account for most of the wealth creation and aid subsidies that cross into the Palestinian territories, taxpayers’ money from Western nations is clearly being used to fuel incitement, anti-Semitism and hatred.

On September 6th, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported:

"It looks like the Palestinian National Authority is simultaneously facing war on a number of fronts...

Among the volatile topics is the insane settlement enterprise that the Netanyahu government continues, using racist settlers, who behave more like wounded and mad wolves aroused by the smell of blood, and whose actions against our people are more loathsome than any Zionist story about the Nazi Holocaust."

On September 18th it was written:

"Members of the Jewish religion must awaken from the coma of historical distortion, which was fabricated by the Zionist movement and world capitalists, the very same [capitalists] who wheel and deal in the Nazi and Fascist slaughter of Jews during WWII. Since what they (i.e., the Jews) are doing in Palestine against the Palestinian Arab people is more dangerous and criminal than what Hitler's Holocaust brought on the Jews and the nations of the world of the 1940s."

And most recently, on September 20th, the PA newspaper reported:

"The Al-Quds Open University branch in northern Gaza screened the documentary film 'Two Holocausts'… Al-Batsh [the director of the film] added that the film shows that Israel and the Zionist movement are doing to the Palestinian people what Nazi Germany did to the Jews, in the same way, but in a more despicable manner."

Of course this trend has been noted before, more details of which can be found here. And while the West’s attitude to blindly funding the Palestinian Authority is slowly changing, with the US Congress penalising Mahmoud Abbas for last year’s unilateral declaration of independence, and even British ministers, who have historically been flimsy on the issue, formally recognising a disturbing trend, Arab nations continue to insist that the West must uphold a commitment to the Palestinian state, regardless of these facts.

Just yesterday the New York Times reported that Egypt’s Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi, called on the United States to live up to its commitment on Palestinian self-rule. A commitment that has by and large been adhered to, even in the face of continued Palestinian rejectionism and incitement.

With these facts in mind it is almost certain that a renewed push for Palestinian statehood will hold no sway with Western nations that continue to help the Palestinian people without expectations or ties to aid money.

Additionally, the Palestinian cause is further undermined by a raft of hatred including the glorification of terrorism, Holocaust denial and incitement against the state of Israel.

If anyone needs to renew their commitment to a brokered peace deal, it is the Palestinians, not the West and certainly not Israel, who have done almost everything in their power to keep a peaceable two-state solution on the table. It just seems like perhaps the Palestinians are not that interested in peace after all.