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PA TV host responds to incitement accusations: “Nothing will stop us from telling the truth”

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: “[PA TV] host Walaa’ Al-Battat: ‘The Israeli press accused my show of incitement because I explained the history of Palestine to children.’”
“She loved the world of children, and spoke wonderfully of it. She worked hard to convey the joy and suffering of the Palestinian child on her PA TV program “The Best Home” … Al-Quds met Walaa’ al-Battat.
Q: “Are there any topics you cannot bring up on a children’s program?”
A: “I bring up anything I want on the show, even things that are considered sensitive by some people. However, since I am an expert on the child’s world, I deal with topics of utmost importance, even if they are sensitive, but only if they are within [appropriate] limits for children. So far they have not silenced me, and I do whatever I want in my work. Recently, the Israeli newspapers and different websites said our program is inciting, but all I do is explain Palestinian history to the children. Even if I express the wish to return to our occupied land, on behalf of the children, they consider that incitement. But nothing will stop us from telling the truth, and that is a duty that I’m entrusted with, and one way or another, the child must know what he must know.”

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