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Fatah official says Hamas and Israel are working together to overthrow the PA government

     “In a statement released by the movement’s spokesman in Europe, Jamal Nazzal, Fatah expressed its satisfaction with Palestinian forces’ success exposing the collaboration between Hamas and Israel having to do with armaments. He said: ‘The occupation illegally controls areas where Hamas is hiding weapons supplied by Israel' The Fatah movement has asked that Europe pressure Israel to abandon the policy of arming Hamas that it (Israel) is carrying out in Area C where it has direct control. Fatah Revolutionary Council member Jamal Nazzal said that Hamas’ increased arms supplies and explosives stores in Area C – under the watchful eye of the Israeli army – is a joint tactic of Hamas and Israel aimed at weakening the security institutions charged with controlling those who violate the law. Nazzal said that the political background to this cooperation between [Hamas] revolutionaries and Israel is evident in the Netanyahu government’s repeated calls to overthrow the Palestinian leadership and in the aid it provides Hamas [activities] that spread anarchy, in the wake of the benefit gained by both from their shared experience in Gaza. Nazzal regards the Palestinian security system’s discovery of a secret Hamas prison as a blow to the joint Hamas-occupation project aimed at undermining Palestinian stability and furthering [Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor] Liberman’s program to replace the legitimate leadership with [leaders] subordinate to the occupation. Speaking for the Fatah movement in Europe, [Nazzal] explained that the Israeli obsession to impede the Palestinian leadership at this specific time has driven the Netanyahu government to cooperate with Hamas, which has always been willing to sell itself to the occupation. Nazzal said that most of what is known as “filth merchandise” stored by Hamas in secret locations, is material Israeli mafias don’t possess, but [which can be acquired] only via official [Israeli] institutions, and he added that the occupation watches over it and smuggles it to Hamas activists through agents of various foreign nationalities.”