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Official PA news agency claims remarks by PMW director Itamar Marcus are "incitement and racism"

‎“The Wafa news agency is tracking incitement and racism against Palestinians and Arabs, ‎circulated by the Israeli media…The Israeli radio station “Galei ZaHaL” (Israel Armed Forces ‎Radio) hosted the Director of Palestine Media Watch, Itamar Marcus, on its “5:00 in the ‎Evening” show. The show’s host, Yaron Wilensky, asked Marcus: “Why do Muslims get so ‎angry when (others) talk about Muhammad, when there are caricatures in the other side’s ‎‎(i.e., in Palestinian) newspapers that are no less problematic than the insulting film ‎‎(Innocence of Muslims)? Marcus answered: “That’s right. There are very of difficult ‎caricatures that portray Jews as beasts, any kind of a beast you can think of – a shark, a wild ‎animal, a snake. Terrible descriptions of Jews are routine in the Palestinian press."‎

Click to view PMW documentation showing that the Palestinian Authority animalizes and dehumanizes Jews.