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Arab Lawyers Union glorifies suicide terrorist who killed 21

Headline: "Jenin: Arab Lawyers Union honors family of Martyr (Shahida) Hanadi Jaradat"

     "Yesterday, the Arab Lawyers Union honored the family of martyred lawyer Hanadi Jaradat (i.e., suicide terrorist) from the city of Jenin, marking the ninth anniversary of her death as a Martyr, during a visit by a delegation representing the union to the family's home. The visiting delegation awarded a plaque from the Arab Lawyers Union to honor the family of Martyr Jaradat, who died a Martyr's death on Oct. 4, 2003, in an operation (i.e., terror attack) during which 19 Israelis were killed and about 50 injured. Member of the Palestine Committee of the Arab Lawyers Union, Ayman Abu Aysha, said that the honoring of the family of Martyr Jaradat came in the wake of a decision taken by the Palestine Committee of the Arab Lawyers Union during a meeting held in Cairo on Sept. 8, 2012. The delegation, which included Khatam Al-Hih, Muhammad Alan, Muhammad Halaweh, and Adi Alawi, conveyed to the family of Martyr Jaradat the good wishes of the head of the Union, Mr. Omar Al-Zayn, and of the head of the Palestine Committee in the Union, Mr. Said Abd Al-Ghani, and also emphasized the pride of the Arab Lawyers Union for what their daughter had done in defense of Palestine and the nation. Deputy Secretary of the Arab Lawyers Union, Said Abd Al-Ghani, said that the Union created the "Martyr Hanadi Jaradat plaque of honor," the highest honor awarded by the Union in esteem for any [female] lawyer in the Arab homeland."

Text on plaque:
Dedicated by the Arab Lawyers Union - Palestine Committee
to the family of the Martyrdom-seeker, the lawyer
Hanadi Jaradat
on the sweet anniversary of her Martyrdom
[signed:] Committee Chairman Lawyer Said Abd Al-Ghani
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Note: Hanadi Jaradat was one of the first female Palestinian suicide terrorists. Her bomb in restaurant Maxim in Haifa in 2003 killed 21 people and injured 51.
The Arab Lawyers Union (ALU), which is "an NGO [and] a pan-Arab confederation of bar associations and law societies based in Cairo," states on its website that it
"is in consultative status with ECOSOC, an observer at UNESCO national, regional and international Organizations (such as; UIA, IADL, ILAC) and a member in several UN committees."

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