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PMW report for British Parliament: UK and international responsibility for continued PA hate promotion

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
The documentation in this report is a small representative example of the Palestinian Authority’s ongoing program of hate and terror promotion. The PA has not fulfilled its fundamental obligations to be accepted as a participant in a peace process, because of its continuous: (1) denial of Israel’s right to exist; (2) incitement to hatred; (3) glorification of violence and terror. The members of the international community, including those countries funding the PA, have not fulfilled their fundamental obligation as overseers of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and therefore share in the responsibility for these ongoing Palestinian violations. The PA’s activities, statements, and cultural expression that indoctrinate hatred and violence, which are documented in this report are all funded through the PA's general budget, which is funded by the UK, US, EU, and other Western countries.

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