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Jews have no connection to Jerusalem; Hebrew was the language of Arab Canaanites

Headline: “At a conference held at the end of the Palestinian International Book Fair: Amr, Shuqeir, and Al-Ju’beh refute Israeli claims on Jerusalem”
“The President of Al-Quds Open University, Dr. Yunes Amr, refuted Israeli claims about occupied Jerusalem, according to which it is a Jewish city. He declared that [Jews believe] their ties to it date from [the time of] the prophet David, may he rest in peace.
Attending a conference… in Ramallah at the conclusion of the Eighth Palestinian International Book Fair, … Amr added that there is a tremendous difference between Muslim and Christian ties to Jerusalem and those of the Jews, since the former are religious and belief-based ties, whereas the latter are the ties of occupation.
In his lecture, Amr spoke of the development of Jerusalem, of its history, and of attempts to distort and erase it. He pointed out that Jerusalem is the story of men and the story of a city that suffered numerous conquests, but whose inhabitants managed to survive.
The lecture was introduced by [Palestinian writer] Jamil Salhout.
He noted that the refutation of a Jewish connection to Jerusalem begins with the fact that the Jews took Hebrew as their language, when it is in fact the language of our Arab and Canaanite ancestors. He said that proof of this is that there are many Palestinian-dialect Arabic words that are still used in Hebrew.
Amr spoke of the Jews’ connection to Jerusalem. He said that they believe their connection begins in the period of David, ignoring the fact that David’s connection to Jerusalem was that he conquered it from the Jebusites, the original inhabitants of the city and some of our Canaanite Arab ancestors."