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Times of Israel reports on PMW bulletin about glorification of suicide bomber Hanadi Jaradat

200,000-member Arab Lawyers Union
honors female Palestinian suicide bomber Hanadi

Jaradat killed 21 Israelis in attack at a Haifa restaurant in 2003

A female Palestinian suicide bomber was honored by the Palestine Committee of the Arab Lawyers Union, which has 200,000 members in 15 countries.

Hanadi Jaradat, who killed 21 Israelis and injured more than 50 in a suicide terrorist attack in a Haifa restaurant in 2003, was working as a lawyer at the time of the attack.

The Arab Lawyers Union “created the ‘Martyr Hanadi Jaradat plaque of honor’,” which a delegation presented during a visit to Jaradat’s family earlier this week, according to Palestinian Media Watch, citing the Palestinian daily Al-Ayyam.

The plaque refers to the day of her suicide bombing as “the sweet anniversary of her Martyrdom,” according to PMW.

The Arab Lawyers Union includes as part of its mission to “Struggle with the Arab Palestinian people to liberate Palestine from Zionist settlers colonialists,” to “Struggle against Zionism and its greed as a form of racism,” and to resist “all forms of naturalization with the Zionist enemy and all projects which aim at dominating the Arab region and eradicating its identity,” according to PMW.

The union has a membership of bar associations in 15 countries and 27 affiliated organizations, with a membership of more than 200,000 individual lawyers and 27 bar associations.