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Balfour Declaration “helped Zionist gangs drive Palestinians from their land and repress them”

“The Palestinian parliamentary delegation headed by Salim Al-Zaanoun, Speaker of the Palestinian Parliament (Legislative Council), continued its intensive activity at the five-day Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Canada…
Delegate Zuheir Sandouqa attended a session dealing with building peace after conflict… and presented the ongoing Palestinian conflict as a case in point. [The conflict] began with an unholy alliance between the wealthy and the international Zionist movement, and continued with the accursed Balfour Declaration of 1917. He added that at the time the Palestinians – the original inhabitants of the land – sensed the danger of what was to befall their land.
The delegate [Sandouqa] reviewed developments of the case and Britain’s role that helped Zionist gangs drive Palestinians from their land and repress them, and allowed the Zionist gangs to seize control of most Palestinian land in order to establish themselves a homeland at the expense of the land’s original owners.”