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PA TV honors prisoner who planned murder of Israeli minister

PA TV program For You visits the home of Muhammad Al-Rimawi:
PA TV host: “Today we will present a visit to the family of prisoner Muhammad Al-Rimawi from Beit Rima, who is now in Ashkelon prison. I send him greetings, and say to him, ‘Brother Muhammad Al-Rimawi, Happy Holiday’.”
Rimawi’s uncle: “We are proud of him, and we send him a thousand good wishes from our heart, our children, and our family.”
Rimawi’s uncle: “[Rimawi] is tough. He can keep a secret, is loyal, looks out for his friends. He’s proud. He has a strong disposition. We’re proud of him, his heroism, his loyalty, his strong character.”
Rimawi’s daughter: “We are proud of him, I told you, we are proud that Muhammad is our father. This is a great [source of] pride for me, my sisters and my family.”
Caption next to Rimawi’s picture: “For you, our heroic prisoners”
Rimawi’s daughter: “I am proud of him because he is my father, and he did this thing so that we may live honorably and he did it for us.”
Rimawi’s daughter: “We love him and admire him. I’m not mad [at him] for what he did for the sake of his land and his homeland. No. On the contrary! I’m happy for him and proud of him. Any girl in my position would be proud of her father.”
Another daughter: “I love my father and am proud of him.”
Rimawi’s friend: “First of all, he is a good person. A friend, loyal, hot-tempered. He has a lot of personality traits. But the trait I like the most in Abu Amani is that he is a good friend.”
PA TV host: “Of course, all good wishes to my brother prisoner Muhammad Al-Rimawi. Allah-willing, you will be free…. Allah-willing, Muhammad Al-Rimawi, you will soon live a life of freedom with your daughters, your wife, your family and everyone in your village of Beit Rima and in your homeland who love you. They all love you, and they all admire your sacrifice, and Allah willing you will be free, brother Muhammad Al-Rimawi.”

Note: Muhammad Al-Rimawi is serving a life sentence for his role in planning the murder of Israeli minister Rehavam Zeevi (“Ghandi”) in 2001.