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PMW report in UK Parliament: UK money pays terrorist salaries

Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |
PMW report in UK Parliament:
UK money pays salaries to terrorists
by funding PA's general budget

Palestinian Media Watch director Itamar Marcus made a presentation in London to British parliamentarians, releasing two PMW reports.

The first report, which connects British funding to salaries that the PA pays to terrorists in prison, has already generated articles in the Wall Street Journal and the Daily Mail.

Report: UK money pays terrorists' salaries
UK Minister of State for International Development Alan Duncan wrote a letter to MP Robert Halfon in which he rejected PMW's earlier findings that exposed the Palestinian Authority's payment of salaries to terrorists with UK money, claiming that the PA only pays "social assistance programmes to provide welfare payments" to families of prisoners. In response, Palestinian Media Watch prepared and presented in UK parliament a second report that reiterates and verifies our original findings, and rejects Duncan's categorization of the PA payments as "social assistance."

Executive Summary:
  1. The Palestinian Authority is currently paying salaries totaling approximately 17,500,000 shekels (£2,798,825) each month to all Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons, including mass murderers.
  2. The word used in the PA law is Ratib - salary; the law never mentions "social assistance" or "welfare."
  3. The amount of the salary rises based on number of years in prison, an amount related to the severity of the terror crime and not family need.
  4. Unmarried terrorists receive the same basic salary as those who are married and have children.
  5. A separate small stipend is given to married prisoners with children. The average prisoner salary is over 3,000 shekels (£480) a month and can reach as high as 12,000 (almost £2,000) a month for those in prison more than 30 years. The additional stipend for a married prisoner is 300 shekels (£48) and a mere 50 shekels (£8) per child.
  6. The terrorist prisoner is the only one who can appoint an "authorized agent" to handle his money when he is in prison. He is not obligated to give it to his wife, children, or parents.
  7. All of these points and more citations in the report refute Minister Duncan's assertion that the money is "social assistance" for families.
  8. As long as the UK continues funding the PA's general budget, it will be a participant in the payment of these high monthly salaries to terrorist murderers.
The fact that the PA uses its general budget to reward terrorists with high monthly salaries should be a matter of very serious concern for Britain and for all donor countries to the PA.

Click to view report in PDF on UK money paying for PA salaries to terrorists.

The second report examines the responsibility of the UK and other Western funders for continued PA hate promotion. The report will be released shortly.

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