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Journalist interviews Hamas TV spokesman about PMW

Journalist Suroosh Alvi interviews Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas TV) spokeman:
Suroosh Alvi:
"Al-Aqsa is seen as basically Hamas television. Who owns the channel? Is it independently owned?"
Al-Aqsa TV spokesman: "Al-Aqsa TV belongs to Palestine."
Suroosh Alvi: "The last time I came in 2007, I met with an organization called Palestinian Media Watch. They're Israeli and they sit and they just watch everything that you're making here. They study it and they analyze it, and then they go to make presentations at the US Congress, and they say, look how radical the people in Gaza are. They're making Mickey Mouse with AK-47s."
Al-Aqsa TV spokesman: "They also say to their people that killing a Palestinian is good. So this [is] a different way to see [things]."