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Balfour Declaration subjected Palestinians to “exile” and “oppression”

“On the 95th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the Ministry of Information issued a press release that this black date – on which Britain handed over a land it did not own to people who had begun to claim it – should compel the United Kingdom and the entire world to recognize Palestinian rights that were stolen. This is because the results of that declaration, no more than 60 words long, exposed our people to a prolonged series of aggressive [acts], exile, oppression, and settlements that has continued for over 64 years… [The Ministry] stressed that the occupation’s being able to make use of the concept of a ’Jewish state’ and demand that the [rightful] owners of the land recognize this insanity – all in order to expel our people from the areas conquered in 1948 – is a result of this [Balfour] Declaration.”