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Fatah: Balfour Declaration was a “a historic crime against humanity that shames the human race”

“The PLO Department of Culture and Information last night [Nov. 1, 2012] laid political and moral responsibility on the international community – first and foremost on Britain – for our people’s collapsing under the only ongoing occupation in the world, for the crime of historic proportions that it [Britain] committed against humanity by issuing the Balfour Declaration that led to ‘a national home’ for the Jews in Palestine, blatantly violating the principles of international and humanitarian law… It went on to say: ‘The very least Britain and the nations of the world can do is apologize for this historical injustice that befell our nation, and extend financial and moral support to it…’
In Ramallah, Fatah described the Balfour Declaration as a crime of historic proportions against humanity, and stressed that Palestine is ‘the national home and land of the Palestinian people, and it is the historic and natural right [of the Palestinian people.]’ In a press release issued yesterday [Nov. 1, 2012] for the 95th anniversary of the ominous Balfour Declaration, Fatah’s Commission on Culture and Information said that ‘Our Palestinian people’s right to its national home and land will not be compromised by any statute of limitations or by establishing facts on the ground by the force of arms, the settling occupation.’
The press release went on to say: ‘Great Britain knew this very well on Nov. 2, 1917, the day its Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour promised British and European Jews that Palestine – the land of the Palestinian people – would be a national home for them, thus committing a historic crime against humanity that shames the human race and history.’
In its press release Fatah stressed that ‘Our Palestinian people was on its land since the dawn of history, it is still rooted in it, it will remain on it, and will be on it eternally, as long as the sun shines down on the earth.’”