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Song at Fatah event in UNESCO building threatens Israel with violence

A broadcast of the central assembly in Beirut marking eight years since Arafat’s death:
PA TV announcer: “Welcome, dear viewers. We are here in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, to follow with you the events surrounding the central assembly sponsored by Fatah, the PLO, and the Palestinian Embassy on the eighth anniversary of the death of the eternal leader, Yasser Arafat. We are here in the UNESCO palace, a distinctive building, especially since it was here that numerous rallies were held during the time the leader and Shahid Arafat was in Beirut.
Song performed at the event:
“I’m coming out for you, my enemy, coming out
From every neighborhood and street
Coming out with my gun and my faith
Coming out for you, my enemy
Our war is a street war
We promise that you won’t escape, my enemy,
From the Revolution and the people
Even if you escape the ring of fire
The masses will block your way”