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Hamas member calls for continued strikes on Tel Aviv until "the Jews will no longer stand it anymore"

In response to Hamas' ongoing rocket fire against Israel, on Nov. 14, 2012, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense, aimed at crippling the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Gaza Islam Shahwan calls for continued attacks against Israel:
”Shahwan: 2.5 million Zionists in ‘Tel Aviv’ in bomb shelters”
“The spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior in Gaza, Islam Shahwan, called on resistance factions to continue aiming [at targets] deep inside Zionist territory, to continue to extend the missile range, and to continue strikes on ‘Tel Aviv’, located in the center of Palestinian territory occupied in 1948... On his Facebook page today, Thursday [Nov. 15, 2012] Shahwan said that ‘bringing 2,500,000 of the Israeli settlers in Tel Aviv within Palestinian missile range will disrupt life in the entity (i.e., Israel) and hurt the Israeli economy to the point where the Jews will no longer stand it anymore’, according to his opinion.”