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Hamas website posts pictures with captions threatening Israeli soldiers

On Nov. 14, 2012, Israel launched an aerial offensive in the Gaza Strip called Operation Pillar of Defense, with the aim of crippling the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza and protecting Israeli civilians from Hamas rocket fire.
Hamas' military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, posted several pictures on its website with short captions designed to scare Israelis:

 "To arms! The response is ready and my weapon is impatient."
 "The Qassam rockets will chase you everywhere."
"Netanyahu doesn't care about your security or about the lives of your children. He only cares about winning the upcoming elections." "We warn you - don't send your sons (i.e., soldiers) to Gaza because you won't see them again."

"Our resistance - 'flocks of birds striking them with stones of Sijjil' (Quran, Sura 105:3-4)."

"Oh soldiers of God, of 'flocks of birds striking with stones of Sijjil' (Quran, Sura 105:3-4) and crushing the tyranny of the villains."
"Enter Gaza and we will crush your arrogance"

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Note: The "flocks of birds" in two of the captions are a reference to quotes from the Quran that recall Allah's victory over an enemy army by the way of birds striking the enemy with stones.

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