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PA daily columnist demonizes Israel as a child-killer and snake

PLO Ambassador to India and PA daily regular columnist, Adli Sadeq on Israel's aerial offensive against Gaza launched on Nov. 14, 2012, aimed at crippling the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza:
"The oppressors kill the nightingales"
"Like hidden snakes whose fangs bite in the darkness, the oppressing invaders (i.e., Israel) chase after our children. They throw fire at their tender bodies, while the little ones' hearts full of love pour forth like rivers and see hope through the holes made in the walls by the raids! They have no shame. They are very happy to be snakes that stick out their tongues and slither with malice, and then attack, thirsty and hungry for human blood and liver... The oppressors who kill the nightingales lay the foundations for a war that will last one or two hundred years, while thinking that they are achieving security for themselves. The walls of disgrace and wretchedness in our [Arab] nation are collapsing... we will not remain for long in the cage under siege. Dams, walls, [political] calculations and policies separate us from the flow of a great nation whose rulers - with scarves that became worn from waving the flag of "peace" too much - caused it [the nation] pain and filled it with a sense of wretchedness! ... Salvation will only come when the walls collapse, so that we will stay far away from their alleged "peace." Then the cloud will dissipate along with the smog in it..."
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