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PA daily columnist praises Hamas rockets and bus bombing during Israel-Gaza conflict

On Nov. 14, 2012, Israel launched an aerial offensive in the Gaza Strip called Operation Pillar of Defense, with the aim of crippling the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza and protecting Israeli civilians from Hamas rocket fire. On November 21, Hamas and Israel reached a cease fire.
Columnist for official PA daily Adel Abd Al-Rahman on the cease fire:

     “The cease-fire [between Israel and Hamas] went into effect sponsored and guaranteed by Egypt, with American supervision by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The advantages are as follows:
Firstly: Ending the barbaric Israeli aggression, and removing the threat of an even more despicable and bloody Israeli massacre of Palestinian people in the southern districts (i.e., Gaza Strip).
Secondly: Realization of national unity between the people at various levels and the all over the homeland, the diaspora, and the interior (i.e., Israel). This in addition to blending political activity and struggle, and between all the VIPs– notably President Mahmoud Abbas [of Fatah] and other Palestinian figures, especially Khaled Mashaal, Head of the Hamas Political Bureau –paving the way for rapid progress towards a stable national unity.
Thirdly: The heroic performance of the resistance organizations (i.e., Hamas and Islamic Jihad) reacting to the barbaric Israeli war, who succeeded in:
1. Absorbing the force and strength of the Israeli attack and quickly overcoming
the moment of surprise.
2. Initiating a direct response through missiles of varying sizes and ranges,
like the Fajr 5, Grad, 107 [mm rockets], etc., launched against Israeli cities
and populated areas.
3. For the first time, Palestinian resistance missiles reached Tel Aviv, Jerusalem,
and Eilat, surprising and baffling the Israeli leaders. This [was achieved], even
though the Israeli leadership claimed in Netanyahu’s words to have destroyed
the bulk of missile launching sites and storehouses.
4. Combining armed resistance with peaceful resistance. Cities of the West Bank – first and foremost Jerusalem – were witness to increased popular activity,
in addition to sit-down strikes and demonstrations in the different cities’ squares
and streets, to support and strengthen our people in the Gaza districts.
5. Development of the national response that even advanced to bombing operations inside Israel, as occurred on Wednesday with the bombing of a bus [in Tel Aviv], injuring 20 people – an act that baffled the Israeli leadership even more.”
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