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Israel to build the “alleged Temple” over ruins of Al-Aqsa Mosque

“In a Friday sermon delivered yesterday at the Al-Zamalek Mosque in Cairo, Secretary of the Supreme Islamic Council of Jerusalem Tayseer Rajab Al-Tamimi expressed his appreciation for Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s support for our people during the cruel Israeli attack on Gaza (i.e., Israel’s Pillar of Defense operation that aimed at destroying the terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, November 2012).
He warned of an upcoming Israeli attack against the holy city (i.e., Jerusalem) and the Al-Aqsa Mosque [aimed at] carrying out plans to destroy it and build the alleged Temple in its place, before the upcoming Israeli elections. He said: ‘The oppressive occupation, and its senior statesmen headed by Netanyahu, is determined to carry out every aggressive act to gain popularity among the religious parties and win votes of the radical Jewish right, after their utter defeat and the total failure of their attack on Gaza.”