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Senior PA leader declares violence is legitimate until a Palestinian state is formed

Fatah Central Committee member, Jibril Rajoub:
     "We are Muslims and Christians, and there are people here from the Neturei Karta (i.e., anti-Zionist ultra-Orthodox Jews). We welcome you. In our eyes, you are Judaism's conscience. We in Islam recognize the three religions - there are Muslims, there are Jews, and there are Christians. The crimes that have been committed -- I think that what was done in the 1940's, they could take a lesson from Liberman and Netanyahu, from how they are committing crimes against the Palestinian nation. But the fact that a Palestinian can say this kind of thing is living proof that we are a nation with values and with a cause. And that we in fact look forward to a time of co-existence as there is between Christians and Muslims. That's how it will be among all religions. However, the Israeli occupation is unacceptable and the Israeli aggression is unacceptable. And those settlers - their place is in history's garbage dump. And from now I declare that we shall set up committees, we will form [human] chains. We will guard the olive trees, we will guard the mosques and we will guard the churches. Whoever invades our territory, will leave in a wooden plank (i.e., in a coffin). This land is our land... Let those terrorists and the people supporting them - this government that carries out official terrorism, that brings us Baruch Marzel (advisor to right wing Israeli MP) and that cockroach named Liberman (Israeli Foreign Minister) - let them get out... Out of loyalty to your blood, Yasser Arafat, you who died during this month, we will not return the sword to its sheath until there is a state, until your aspirations are realized, until the refugees are returned. I say to you that the return [of the refugees] is among the holiest things for Fatah and all Palestinians. Resistance - in all its forms - is Fatah's strategic right. Come, let's agree -- and we are ready - if there's shooting, we'll shoot. If there are demonstrations, we'll demonstrate. Long live Palestine! Long live Palestine! Mercy on our Martyrs (Shahids) with no exceptions, and Yasser Arafat first."
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