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PA daily: Israel belongs to Palestinians

“We don’t recommend that jewelers begin making gold pins [in the shape] of a map of Palestine with both the [West] Bank and Gaza for girls to pin on their chests. First of all, it would be made up of two separate parts that would always get tangled with one another, as is happening now in reality. And secondly, Palestinian girls will never go for the [West] Bank and Gaza only… There are fifty million Palestinians who aren’t from [either] the [West] Bank or Gaza. They are from Palestine, Palestine.
Now is the time to unite the [West] Bank and Gaza under one unified state. Now is the time to separate the PLO from the newborn State of Palestine so that the PLO can address difficult issues like the right of return, and the state can begin building an open society that will change from being a non-member state to a [full-fledged] member state. And of course, we in the [West] Bank and Gaza will be the main components of the PLO.”

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