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The State of Israel “does not deserve to belong in the world, in the region, or in the 21st century

“Likudniks claim, as Moshe Feiglin has said, that his name was included in the party’s list of candidates because we are a community of Arabic-speakers who ‘suddenly’ turned ourselves into a nation, and that we are parasites. Like them, we all have to answer in one voice, that this riffraff – fools when it comes to history, society, and even early Biblical writings themselves that mention Palestinians scores of times – is not fit to lead any society and are not fit for politics, and that the state that they lead does not deserve to belong in the world, in the region, or in the twenty-first century. The world knows that they are the parasites, and they are the ones who were only recently invented, and there is nothing wrong with people among us saying that they are the parasites in Haifa, in Jaffa, in Acre, and in all the territories occupied in [19]48, and that their leaving here is a human and environmental demand – if not through an agreement then through a historical process that will be authorized by the UN track and the rules of history itself. These are a track and rules that settlers cannot oppose – [settlers] who are robbers, scattered lunatics who joined together around insane aims.”