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PA radio: Israel forges history - even the “6-sided star” (i.e., Jewish star) is actually Islamic

PA radio program From Jerusalem discusses the Israeli excavations near the Al-Aqsa Mosque. PA radio host Rim Al-Daudi interviews Dr. Jamal Amer, expert on Jerusalem and lecturer on urban planning at Bir Zeit University.

Jamal Amer: “This is no structural reinforcement and it is not renovation… This is clear-cut destruction… of Arab Islamic Palestinian antiquities rooted in history, that all scientific circles and all researchers and anyone with expertise in Jerusalem, all affirm that this is a purely Arab civilization, Canaanite Jebusite. But an indication of the occupation’s hatred of this culture is its using – most unprofessionally – all the heavy equipment and bulldozers to destroy relics and to alter the cultural picture, and draw a new landscape with new vistas that are from Jewish Torah fables. They write and chisel and attach newly-made slogans from the Torah that they fashioned with their own hands, on Islamic and Arab relics dating from 4,000 years B.C., that is 6,000 years ago.

PA radio host Rim Al-Daudi: “Israel would like to create its artificial history in the Old City of Jerusalem. It failed to find any Jewish history in Jerusalem, so it seeks to invent an artificial Jewish history under the foundations of the Old City. The Israelis are frightened and frustrated because the Zionist enterprise… collapses when it confronts historical facts that ‘the land speaks Arabic.’ This is a city that speaks Arabic: Its stones, its history, its past and its present, and also its architecture, its buildings… They all speak Arabic. They [the Zionists] are scared. They once said to a guest of theirs, an American congressman: ‘What do you think of Jerusalem?’ and he answered, ‘I think it speaks Arabic and that you have nothing to do with it.’ They understood then and said: ‘We have no choice but to create a Jewish history.’”

Jamal Amer: “They are the world’s masters of counterfeit. They are the strongest and most preferred among those who managed to fabricate history. They fabricated the Torah itself, and now they’re planting their forgeries in Palestinian earth, while everyone knows that their own researchers say that ‘We don’t have any Temple here,’ and at the Hebrew University they entirely admit that their excavations have led to nothing… So all they have is one ruse, with which they laugh at the whole world: They take a known Islamic shape – the six-sided star – from Islamic architecture, but [the prophet] Daud (i.e., David), may he rest in peace, saw it on Islamic construction and on what Palestinians had built, and he liked it and he took it and put it on his iron shield… They took this shape and thought of it as their own, and this is yet another forgery of history.
But, assuming that it became theirs, what did they do? They didn’t find it in Jerusalem, so they went to a few places and planted this star and carved it into stones with their own hands.”