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Arab Christian Media Brings New Message to Mideast (abridged)

Hatred and violence have gripped the Middle East for centuries. Islamic extremism is at the root of the trouble, all propagated by a biased and misleading Arab media, the kind you hear on Arab stations like Al Jazeera, Al Aribya and many others.
The world has become more aware of events in the Middle East in recent years. Many wonder why the region is wracked with constant conflict, and what can be done to change the negative atmosphere.
A few people are using new technologies to do just that, challenging the messages of hate. It is a hateful message that portrays the Arab world as under attack by the West, and in danger of being ruled by Christian and Zionist forces.
On June 28, 2002, on Pennsylvania TV [sic], Sheik Ahmed Abdul Razek said, “A divine blow will be dealt soon to the U.S. and Israel, by Allah's will. The believers will rejoice with Allah's victory.”
Extremist Islam reaches out, especially, to the young who are encouraged to act out, embracing ‘shahada,’ or martyrdom.
A boy recorded by Palestinian Media Watch, said, “How sweet is the shahada,” as he falls to the ground.
A young girl, Walla, only 11 years old, recorded by the same Palestinian Media Watch, said, “Everyone yearns for Shahada. What could be better than going to paradise?”
But new voices are challenging the message of hate. New light is breaking forth in the darkness. Technology is giving Christian media greater access to the Middle East.