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Palestinian state on ’67 borders is only first step for getting back all the land (Israel)

The PA TV program Al-Balad Young People features a young man who is a student council member of the Modern College:
“Regarding President Abbas’ application to the UN, we noticed that there was only little student awareness – or no student awareness. [Some thought that] Mahmoud Abbas’ application to the UN ends [our claim to] the ’48 [territories]. No! We used to be [just] an “Authority.” We were disputed territories in the eyes of the international community. We were disputed territories, and now we’ve become an occupied state. An occupied Palestinian state with the borders of June 4, 1967. This is how we’ve laid the foundation for attaining part of what is our right. We didn’t lay the foundation for everything we have the right to; we laid the foundation only for our right to the ’67 territory. Nonetheless, Salah Al-Din, when he [liberated] the lands of Al-Sham (i.e., greater Syria), he gave up on half of them, and only when he reached his full strength, did he come back for the remaining half.”