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PA TV host thanks guest for interview in which he defined Palestine “from the Sea to the River” (i.e., all of Israel)

The PA TV program Personal Meeting interviews Dr. Abd Al-Majid Al-Rafi’i, Chairman of the Socialist Arab Lebanon Vanguard Party “Al-Tali’a” in Lebanon.
Al-Rafi’i: “The Palestinian cause cannot gain its rightful place without the people’s determination, and without the will of the people of Palestine and the Arabic Nation to pursue a popular armed struggle. [We] must reorganize and make good use of Gaza’s resolve. These eight days during which the Arab and Palestinian nation tasted the bitterness of suffering. We all remember the pictures of the Al-Dalu children who died as Martyrs (Shahids) for Palestine’s resolve and freedom, all Palestine – from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River.”
Host (smiling broadly):
“Dr. Abd Al-Majid Al-Rafi’i, you have brought us light with this meeting. Thank you.”