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PA daily: Hamas views expressed in speech by Mashaal match PA political positions

“In the address delivered in Gaza by the head of the Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Mashaal, there is nothing that differs notably from the political discourse in the Palestinian Authority. In reactions of friends who followed the speech with me, it was said that Mashaal’s language in this speech is almost [exactly the same] as that of Fatah, in one way or another, especially with respect to everything regarding the national principles and reconciliation, and even with respect to resistance as a means and not an end…
The important thing is that Mashaal’s speech, in general, was positive and important, even though he said nothing new, especially concerning national reconciliation…
Resistance, statehood, reconciliation, the program for national accord, and the PLO – none of these things are controversial, and in fact they never were. Also, the separation must end, since there is nothing about it that is good for the homeland. So where might conciliatory steps trip up in the coming days? I mean the path is no longer dark or filled with obstacles. Rather, it is clear and open. So when will the next steps begin? We have nothing that has to be discussed again or that we have to begin a dialogue about. The documents are ready, the agreements have been signed, and the Doha declaration is waiting to be enacted – no more, no less. So when will we begin?”