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Abbas: The Israeli government’s "hobby" is "murder and destruction"

“The President’s [Abbas’] office today, Wednesday evening, condemned the occupation forces’ criminal killing of young Muhammad Al- Al-Salaymeh‬ who was shot near the Tareq Bin Ziyad School in Hebron.
[An announcement from the Presidency] went on to say, ’We in the Palestinian Authority denounce this aggressive act, and we hold the right-wing occupation government and its army fully responsible for this bloody escalation and racism, and all their consequences. It reinforces our belief that the extremist right-wing government in Israel is trying to drag the region into a new cycle of violence, so that it can pursue its hobby – murder and destruction.’
In its press release, the President’s office added, ‘The killing, destruction, and the settlements, and the bloody aggression of the right-wing government in Israel, make us more likely to turn to the International Criminal Court and its commissions, as well as to [other] international courts and organizations whose duty it is to protect civilians.’”

Note: Muhammad Al-Salaymeh‬ was a 17-year old who was shot by an Israeli border policewoman when he pulled a metal toy pistol and pointed it at the head of an Israeli soldier in Hebron on December 12, 2012.

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