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PA PM Fayyad: Israel killed 200 prisoners by "medical negligence and torture"

Headline: “At the Bagdad International Conference of Solidarity with the Heroes of ‘the Fortresses of Captivity’ - Fayad: ‘We have 4,600 prisoners, 200 of whom died as Martyrs as a result of medical negligence and torture’”
“Prime Minister Salam Fayyad stressed in his address at the Bagdad International Conference of Solidarity with [Palestinian] Prisoners in Israeli Prisons that Palestine’s having been accepted at the UN strengthens the prisoners’ legal position, and allows for Palestine to be a state signee of the Geneva Convention that includes the rights of prisoners to freedom, and our people’s right to build a fully sovereign independent homeland within the 1967 borders and Jerusalem as its capital.
Fayyad commended Arab and international participation at the conference’s sessions, and said in his address that the legendary resolve demonstrated by freedom-prisoners reflects our people’s willpower, its national resolve, and its hold on its land…
He noted that the Martyrs’ death of 200 detainees in prisons and detention camps [caused by] medical negligence, torture, premeditated murder, beatings, and live ammunition prove that we must work towards exposing the circumstances of their deaths, and force Israel to end its inhumane repressive measures against the prisoners.”