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Abbas: Israel has a "policy of daily killing against our unarmed people"

Headline: “President sends condolences on Martyrdom death of Muhammad Al-Salaymeh”
“In a wire sent to the Al-Salaymeh family, President Mahmoud Abbas expressed his grief on hearing of the Martyrdom death of young Muhammad Al-Salaymeh, who was killed by occupation soldiers in the center of Hebron.
In his wire the President said: ’We were greatly pained to hear of the Martyrdom death of the young man and dear son Muhammad Ziyad Al-Salaymeh, who was murdered in cold blood by the despicable occupation army, and whose pure spirit went up to the heavens of praise.’
The President went on: ‘As we condemn and denounce this abominable crime, one of a series of crimes and part of the occupation army’s policy of daily killing against our unarmed people aimed at terrifying us, we express our faith that our nation standing strong in its homeland will continue to stand strong on its land, and that these crimes will not dissuade it from clinging to its rights, nor from its standing strong on the soil of its homeland, nor from its struggle for the freedom of our people and our holy places, and the establishment of its independent state, with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Note: Muhammad Al-Salaymeh was a 17-year old who was shot by an Israeli border policewoman when he pulled a metal toy pistol and pointed it at the head of an Israeli soldier in Hebron on December 12, 2012.

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