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PA daily: Children's performance shows Israel targeting and killing Palestinian kids

Headline: “A show in Khan Yunis depicts the occupation’s crimes against children”
“A children’s performance in Khan Yunis yesterday [Dec. 13, 2012] provided a live description of the Israeli occupation’s crimes against Palestinian children.
Five children, three of them girls, managed to portray the true reality and the criminal face of the occupation that during most of its recent aggression aimed to kill and wound children and spread fear among them. The short show dealt with five children who were playing in their yard, when suddenly surprised by an Israeli helicopter that fired two missiles directly at them. One of the girls died a Martyr’s death, and the four who managed to escape were saved, leaving the Martyr (Shahida) girl behind them, wrapped in a shroud, on the ground.
The performance sounded the sirens from ambulances trying to reach the Martyr girl, but were unable to do so because of the Israeli helicopters overhead. Suddenly, her four friends burst back on the scene and forcibly took her fresh corpse, after wrapping it in a Palestinian flag, and carried her off singing ‘Breeze of the Land,’ a national song.”