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PA daily: The US "wishes to destroy everything" accomplished by the Arab world

“Salafists or the Muslim Brotherhood winning control in Syria is no longer the most dangerous thing to look out for in the long Syrian Spring. On the contrary. [Muslim] Brotherhood and Salafi rule that embody reactionary decisions and choices looks much more compassionate than what now seems to be in store in the revolution that continues under American sponsorship.
Yesterday, I watched a video clip that showed a group of Salafists and Jihadists attacking and burning a Shiite mosque in the village of Zarzour [in Syria]. The Jihadists saw this accomplishment as a great victory, part of a Jihadist raid, recorded in history in letters with American lighting in the book of hijacked Arab revolutions.
I don’t know what they call this Jihad organization whose activists did this stupid thing, but I’m sure that these crazy gangs, who wreak havoc in the land (i.e., Syria), look to the same authority who puts the tyrants in Arab lands in power – they all function by virtue of an American authority and possess an American identity; they are all stooges of American ambassadors and agents…
We’ve seen these crazies before, in Afghanistan. We saw them in Chechnya. We saw their 'Jihad' in Yemen, in Libya, and in Lebanon. We saw massive numbers of them in Egypt, and we saw their explosives in Jordanian hotels. But we never saw a single one of them – not one single activist – confront the Jewish occupation in Palestine.
The Salafists who ‘practice Jihad’ in Arab capital cities and wave their swords to change Arab society, are fulfilling the wishes of the United States – to destroy everything accomplished by nations, and turn '[Arab] Spring' into civil war.”
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