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Three PMW reports for Dutch Parliament

Three PMW reports for Dutch parliament

On Dec. 18, the Foreign Affairs Committee of Dutch Parliament
will be debating whether to support
the Palestinian Authority's general budget in 2013.
PMW was asked to supply documentation.

Palestinian Media Watch recently received several requests by Dutch MPs for documentation to be used in this week's parliamentary debate about proposed Dutch funding to the Palestinian Authority in 2013.

Following PMW presentations to the Foreign Affairs Committee in 2011, Dutch Parliament passed a motion "to prevent the supply of funding to the Palestinian Authority if no concrete and effective measures are being taken [by the PA] to act against the glorification and whitewashing of terrorism." [Motion no. 1039, passed in March 2011]

In response to this motion, PMW was asked to provide documentation showing whether PA glorification of terrorism has continued. PMW prepared three reports with representative examples, each of which show misuse of Dutch and international funding by the PA in different ways:

1- PMW report to Dutch Foreign Affairs Committee on PA glorification of terrorists
This 40 page report brings clear and unequivocal evidence of the official PA policy of glorifying terrorists as heroes and role models. The PA Minister of Prisoners' Affairs regularly visits the homes of terrorist murderers and honors them, five different weekly PA TV shows glorify terrorists in Israeli prison, and music videos honoring terrorist murderers are regularly broadcast on PA TV. All this and much more terror glorification is funded by the PA's general budget, which is supported by the Netherlands.
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2- PMW report to Dutch Foreign Affairs Committee on PA use of budget
This report documents the hatred and violence that is promoted by the PA through structures also funded by the general budget. It includes official PA TV children's programs that call Israel "Satan" and describe Christians and Jews as "inferior and despised" and preaches Islamic supremacy over Christians and Jews. It includes the PA Grand Mufti's statement on PA TV that the destiny of Muslims is to kill Jews. It includes many examples of glorification of terrorist murderers by official PA TV and the PA Minister of Prisoners' Affairs.
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3- PMW report to Dutch Foreign Affairs Committee on PA salaries to terrorists, based on UK report
This report is about PA payment of salaries to terrorists in Israeli prisons. This report was prepared earlier this year for British Parliament, but the information about the salaries going to terrorists is important and relevant for all countries that fund the PA. The report was first presented at a lecture to 30 members of British Parliament in October.
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