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PA daily columnist calls Zionists “descendants of monkeys and pigs”

In his weekly column in “Sermon,” the religious supplement to the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sheikh Taleb Al-Silwadi wrote:
“And here we have our Palestinian nation, engaged in Ribat, (religious conflict/war defending Islamic land), the strong Jihad fighter, adhering to its religion and faith, challenging the tyranny and oppression of the Zionists, those descendants of monkeys and pigs who thought they could deny us our strength. They forgot that Allah will rise up with us and that their policy is fraud and deceit. The Prophet, may blessing and peace be upon him, experienced this before we did when he and the Banu Hashim (a clan of Muhammad’s tribe Quraish – Ed.) were boycotted economically and socially by the infidels and pagans at Shib Abi Talib (an area where according to Islamic tradition, Muhammad’s Banu Hashim tribe stayed for a number of years while subjected to a boycott by the Quraish tribe, Muhammad’s tribe which rejected him as a prophet. – Ed.) until redemption came from Allah, may he be exalted.”