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PA TV visits mother of 3 terrorist prisoners: “I am proud of them [her sons]”

During a news broadcast, PA TV visited the home of the mother of three men now in Israeli prisons: Khaled, Nasser, and Muhammad Shawish. They discussed how she misses them, noting that Khaled was sentenced to ten life sentences, Nasser to five [although in reality it is four], and Muhammad was sentenced to 11 years. A fourth brother, Mussa, was killed during the first Intifada.
The camera shows a Fatah poster with the pictures of a number of prisoners, including Khaled Al-Shawish, and under his picture the caption:
“Hero Prisoner Khaled Al-Shawish.”
Mother: “My son—they brought him back to me in pieces. Six days they collected [his body parts] for me. If Khaled walks the straight path, [if] he, his brothers, and his father go the path of Mussa, I won’t be sad. Because they are going on the correct path. Khaled got 10 life sentences, and he suffers from partial disability. Nasser got five life sentences and Muhammad got eleven years… I thank God that my sons are going on this path, and I am proud of them.”

Note: Khaled Al-Shawish masterminded the killing of Benjamin and Talia Kahana in 2000 as well as suicide bombings and shootings of Israeli citizens.
Nasser Al-Shawish is serving four life sentences for his responsibility for three suicide bombing attacks.
Muhammad Al-Shawish was a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades and was convicted of having taken part in numerous shooting attacks against Israelis.