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PA daily: Palestinians date back to the Iron Age

“The Israel Antiquities Authority announced yesterday that in the Bab Al-Wad area on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, an Iron Age shrine was discovered that Israeli archaeologists attribute to the period of the Judean Kingdom in Palestine.
The Authority said in its announcement that the newly discovered shrine and archaeological artifacts provide rare evidence of the rituals in the Jerusalem area during the beginning of the Kingdom, as they call it. Among other things, they found small statues of bearded men…
The Israeli archaeologists think that the [newly] discovered shrine is one of a number of many shrines that were spread out over what they call the Judean Kingdom prior to a process of reforms at the end of the Kingdom that terminated all ceremonies outside the Temple in Jerusalem.
There is no independent opinion [confirming] the new find, but it does prove – through the small statues that almost certainly were part of religious rituals – that Palestinians in the Iron Age, while worshipping one god, still maintained customs they inherited from previous eras.”

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