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PA Minister: Prisoners get salaries, not welfare, "out of esteem for their sacrifice and struggle"

PMW released two reports in 2012 documenting that foreign aid to the PA pays salaries for thousands of terrorist prisoners. In response, the Norwegian and British governments defended their continued aid to the PA, stating that the PA does not pay "salaries" to terrorists in Israeli prisons, but social "assistance" payments to the prisoners' families. The following statement by PA Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake in WAFA, the official PA news service, directly contradicts this claim:
Headline: "Karake denies rumors about changing salaries into social welfare."
"Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake denied the stories and rumors that the [Palestinian] prisoners' (i.e., in Israeli prisons for terror related crimes) salaries would be changed to social welfare payments.
In a press release Karake clarified that prisoners receive their stipends in accordance with regulations and the law, and their rights are protected so that it is impossible to hurt them. He noted that the government headed by Salam Fayyad considers the prisoners' cause central, and has authorized regulations to support and protect them out of esteem for their sacrifice and struggle.
He added that recent years have seen strong government support for regulations and laws that protect the rights of prisoners and their families, as [they protect] the rights of Martyred fighters.
Karake said that people should be careful regarding rumors, and not use the prisoners to promote narrow, personal aims, which caused confusion among the prisoners."
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