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Prisoners' Club Chairman: Payments made to prisoners are "salaries," not "assistance"

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
After international donors questioned the PA about its payment of salaries to terrorist prisoners, the PA changed the language of the law from "salaries" to "assistance" to appease donors. According to the following article, after organizations representing the Palestinian prisoners complained about this change, the PA changed the term back to "salaries":
Headline: "Fares: The government has given the 'Prisoners and Released Prisoners Law' final approval."
"Prisoners' Club Chairman Qadura Fares said that the government has given final approval for what is stipulated in the Prisoners' and Released [Prisoners'] Law of 2004, which considers payments made to prisoners 'salaries,' (Arabic: ratib) to which no other term applies.
In a statement made to the media, Fares on Thursday [Dec. 27, 2012] called for an end to the disagreement in this matter, which was settled in accordance with the law passed by the previous (PA) Parliament in 2004. The Ahrar Center for Prisoners' and Human Rights Research had demanded that President Mahmoud Abbas intervene immediately to reverse the government's decision to replace the term 'prisoner salary' (Arabic: ratib) with the term 'prisoner assistance (Arabic: i’anat).
The Ahrar Center had noted that Palestinian laws are explicit, and what a prisoner receives is not ‘assistance’ (Arabic: ma’una, from the same root as i’anat), but rather his minimal rights for the years he spent in prison."
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