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Guest on PA TV: We will only accept a Palestinian state “from the sea to the river” (i.e., all of Israel)

PA TV program Good Morning, Palestine spoke with the parents of three sons imprisoned in Israel.
PA TV host 1: “You’re saying that this is the eighth year in a row that you haven’t lit a Christmas tree in your home?”
Mother: “That’s right.”
Host 1: “The occupation prevented you from even lighting the tree? They’ve stolen the lights?”
Mother: “The tree is a beacon of hope. As long as I take my beacon of hope from our prisoners, I don’t need the tree. They are the tree, they are the nativity, they are love, they are peace – the prisoners. May Allah be with them and give them strength and help them be victorious over the Nazis.”
Host 1: “May Allah help you.” [Turning to the other host, she says] “Should we ask them to make a final wish for their children?”
Host 2: “By all means. A final wish for your sons and for all prisoners before we end.”
Mother: “I wish freedom for all male and female prisoners, and freedom for our great state. We hope our state will be from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River, and not a state within the ’67 borders. No, no, we won’t ever accept that because our state must be from the Sea to the River. That’s what revolution is all about, you know.”
Host 1: “With mothers like you, and [pointing to the father] fathers, we’ll surely achieve that dream.”